Simpson Racing

When you strap into your race car, your focus should be on the track so that you and your car are able to perform to the best of your abilities. Simpson Racing products have been allowing racers to do that since 1959 by continually evolving and improving our safety products to keep your focus where it belongs.

Simpson Motorcycle

There is no greater freedom than hitting the road or track on two wheels. No other form of transportation intertwines man and machine the way a motorcycle does. Being free exposes you to all of the elements, and that's where we come in. Simpson Motorcycle gear gives you the protection you need, whether you are hitting the backroads with your friends for a weekend cruise, or hitting the track and pushing the limit.

Simpson Hybrid

At the highest levels of motorsport, the possibility of finding yourself and your car in a precarious position are as high as it gets. In these high stakes situations, you can count on Simpson Hybrid devices to protect your head and neck, while also making exiting your vehicle rapidly possible.


The patented HANS Device is hand-made from carbon fiber or injection molded with similarly lightweight high-strength material. A single piece that rests on a race driver's shoulders, the HANS Device keeps your head and neck safe and comfortable behind the wheel of your race car.


Whether you're on the drag strip, road course, rally racing, karting, or even offshore boat racing, there's a Stilo helmet certified for your application to help keep you safe. As the official team supplier of the AMG Petronas F1 team, our products have been tested and are trusted by those at the pinnacle of the highest level of motorsports.