Acrysol Shield Cleaner

Acrysol Shield Cleaner

Acrysol Shield Cleaner is the only cleaner that should be used on Simpson Venator helmet shields and all Stilo helmet shields. It should be applied using a standard paper towel. Microfiber cloths should not be used. This product also works for cleaning all other Simpson shields without damaging the anti-fog, anti-scratch, or colored coatings (ex: mirror, iridium). FEATURES:

  • Will not damage shield coatings
  • Safe to use on most painted or plastic surfaces
  • No lingering odor
  • No film residue

 Directions for use: 1.    Spray Acrysol on a clean paper towel to saturate. (Do not use a microfiber cloth) 2.    Wipe shield with saturated paper towel to clean. 3.    Wipe dry with clean paper towel.


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